6 to 8 HOURS OF COVERAGE, with me capturing the events and emotions of your big day. My hourly additional overage is $125.00/hr, but I seldom need more than 9 hours to tell your complete story.

High/Print resolution, fully finished DIGITAL FILES of AT LEAST 300 timeless, relaxed and joy-filled images. All delivered files will be edited with love and my well-known (anal-retentive) attention to detail, in the style and tone of the work featured on my website.

A FULLY DOWNLOADABLE PASSWORD PROTECTED ONLINE GALLERY of your high-resolution (non-watermarked) images. Delivery date: 6 weeks from your wedding date. You’ll be able to share with family and friends both on social media and in print. You are receiving full reproduction rights. This gallery can also be linked to a professional print house that offers online ordering and drop-shipping directly to you and your parents who want prints.


Second shooters (see below), engagement and boudoir sessions, canvas enlargements, and professionally designed hardcover flush mount Albums can all be added to customize your coverage.

If Photobooth, drone or video coverage is also on your wish list, I can refer someone who specializes in these things. I like to stay focused (pardon the pun) on getting one thing done right, and done well instead of multiple things done so-so. I keep all of these items as add-ons by choice so that my base coverage rate for professional photography can stay accessible and budget-aware.


The base package reflects my rate as a solo shooter. Every wedding day storyboard you see on my website was accomplished by me shooting solo. I have 20 years of experience capturing couples and their emotional, chaotic, lovely and intense wedding days. If we plan the logistics of your day with some forethought and a realistic schedule there should be nothing about your day I can’t handle shooting solo and your budget can remain intact!

My hourly overage is $125.00/hr. Extending the schedule of your day by an hour or two, to create a little wiggle room is much more cost-effective than bringing on a second professional photographer for the day. Needing your photographer to be in two places at once usually only happens at the getting ready part of the day, and there are workarounds for that.

That’s why I don’t usually work with second shooters. I simply do not feel it necessary for me to tell a complete story. I have many people who offer to be second shooters for me, so securing one is no problem. However, I would not want to hire a hobbyist, student, or someone who does it “on the side”, as a second photographer for you. The resulting images would not meet my technical standards or the quality and tone of the work shown on my website.  Adding a second experienced photographer to join us would be an additional $800.00. But if you really, really want one I’d be happy to secure a second shooter, if you’re in the mood to treat yourself! I’ll just need 6 months’ notice to secure a professional.


I’m tickled that my photos have caught your eye. I wish I had something grand to say about my style, but I simply like to keep it real. My approach is a relaxed and romantic telling of the events and relationships you reveal to me on your wedding day. Sure I put you in good lighting, de-clutter the backgrounds, and give your awkward hands something to do, but always in a “chill” vibe sort of way. I like to be felt as “barely there” which allows me to capture organic, unposed moments. I won’t ask the groomsmen to stop goofing around, or reel in rowdy Aunt Rita,  I’ll encourage them.

Bring on your tiny human flower girls and ring bearers, and your MOH’s who need a breastfeeding break.  When the schedule looks like it is getting away from us because X Y and Z unexpectedly happened, I’ll put my hand on your arm, give you my eyes and say “I got you, just breathe”.

I make an effort to keep my website sample work current. I choose shots that make me smile or sigh, that make the photographer in me proud, and represent you as a couple and your celebration. The galleries provide an accurate and current reflection of my photographic eye, artistic style, and technical approach to documenting the events, emotions, and details that become your wedding day. The “latest” page on my website offers highlights of full wedding day galleries. There are no images from “styled shoots” on my website, everything comes from real weddings with real clients, taken inside the wonderfully authentic chaos that makes up a wedding day:)


Quoted wedding season rates and available dates are not considered guaranteed or booked until contracted deposit is received