The Gear behind the Woman

It’s important for you to make an educated decision about your photographer’s stylistic approach, as well as the technical aspects of the service they are offering. You’ve seen the sample work which reflects the “look” of my work. Here’s how I get it done. I shoot everything on 2017 model Digital Canon Equipment. I come with two Digital Cameras and a bag full of back up gear. I also always bring studio lighting heads for indoor work, in case we get “rained” in. In the early days of digital, there was concern over quality of images, color and exposure. Those concerns have all but vanished… high resolution beautiful prints that look “real” are here! The RAW digital capture mode I use will easily yield up to 16×20 quality prints.

The Woman behind the Gear

2022 will mark my 22th full-time season, shooting weddings in Halifax. I graduated first in my class from a two year Photography/Digital Imaging program at the Nova Scotia Community College, where I have taught evening classes in Photography. What skills I didn’t learn at the NSCC, I quickly acquired in the trenches of the Public Gardens battlefield of real live weddings!!!

What happens if you are unable to shoot on the Wedding Day?

While this has NEVER happened before, I’ve learned to never say never. Unless I am physically unable, due to injury, hospitalization, or death in the family, I will be there for you. In extreme circumstances, that I would not be able to attend, I would refund your full deposit and do my best to help you find a replacement. The professional photographer social media networks I am a part of act quickly when fellow photographers need help, and I would utilize those connections to guide you towards another available photographer I believe will be a good fit.

Should we give you a list of pictures?

I don’t need you to provide me with a list, but if you have large or complicated families you can make a list of family and friend combinations, for photographs, that will help keep the picture part of the day organized and running smoothly. You could designate a “runner”: Someone not directly involved in the wedding party stuff, who knows the “cast”. That person can be in charge of gathering and calling out shot combinations of people from the list while I’m busy shooting. This works well in keeping the photo part of the day stress-free. If you email me the list I’ll bring a copy with me, just in case! Use this list as a checklist of who to tell to go to the park – to be sure everyone involved knows their presence is requested.

My job is to put myself in the middle of your day and capture it as it happens. Aside from our “portrait” time at the park, I don’t usually “pose” or “recreate” moments, such as bride looking out window or fixing hair in mirror, or groom and best man shaking hands. Relax, live the day, and have fun. I’ll be there to capture it.

My take on Pinterest

I am happy to take a look at your Pinterest inspiration or source boards before the actual wedding day. If you have particular shots your in love with please describe to me what about them you are drawn to and i ‘ll keep them in mind as i capture your day in my style of shooting. In my experience, trying to copy or recreate trending concept shots leads to a lot of failed attempts and wasted time on your wedding day. So many factors go into any give photo: lighting, weather, background, even height of the bride and groom! You have hired me to tell your story, so let’s use our valuable photo time together on the wedding day to find the moments inside of YOUR day that are unique, fun and real to you as a couple and the celebration your creating, instead of trying to copy someone else’s.

How much time do we allot for photographs?

I ask for AT LEAST 1.5 hours plus travel time (church/park/reception site) for photographs. It is important we be realistic about how long photographs will take. The guests like to know when to arrive for dinner, and the reception site staff like to have a realistic time for when to have dinner ready. Professional Photography is a major investment, and i want to be sure you receive the tone, variety and level of quality images your signing on for. Giving me enough time in the schedule is key to this.

If this seems like too long to be away from your guests, one possible solution is to do the photo part of the day ahead of the ceremony. This is a wonderful option and all the couples who I’ve worked with who have done this said it was great. It allows you to live the moments of your day, and you get to enjoy your guests from the ceremony straight through to the last dance.

Will we run out of light before the pictures are completed?

Our eyes will see useful light right up until sunset, camera capture is another story. Here is a rough guesstimate, based on past seasons, of when we will “run out of light”, or, when pictures should be finished by.

7:30 ● May
8:00 ● June
7:00 ● July
7:00 ● August
6:30 ● End Aug/1st Sept.
6:00 ● Mid September
5:00 ● October

Should we have a rain plan for pictures?

Yes. Yes. Yes. If you plan for rain and it happens we’ll be ready and everyone can stay calm. A rain location secured ahead of time is a must. Please discuss your rain location plan with me, I can help…..promise!!!

How many pictures do you take and…..How do you decide what (at least) 300 pictures go in the gallery and make the final cut?

On average, I shoot at least 200-3000 frames during a wedding day. I shoot a lot, and more than I need so that I will have lots to choose from. “Candid” moments, in particular, usually have five not-quite-right moments on the way to the perfect “candid” shot. That means that not every single picture I shoot will end up in your album. For each portrait shot, for example, I will take multiple frames of same group. This insures against lens flare, auto-focus failures etc… and I will have at least one with everyone’s eyes opened and looking in the right direction. Because there is built in repetition in my shooting style, this allows me to pick the best expressions (good smiles, no double chins etc…), most in-focus, well-exposed pictures. I am very good, both on the wedding day, and during editing, at keeping track of which guests I’ve “covered” and making sure to capture and represent a total and complete story of your day.

Just as you are trusting me to capture your day, you can also trust me to “edit” your album. I only take out shots that are repetitive, or very similar, to ones included in your album. All 2000-ish frames will be archived short term, so we can always go back to the “out-takes” and hunt for alternatives if necessary. I do not release RAW files, and i do not release “all the photos from the day”. To do so would lower the quality level of my work.

What photographs will be in Color versus Black and White (b/w)?

I am assuming, at this point, that you’ve seen website sample work and are comfortable with black and white photography. Your album will run roughly, 70/30 color to black and white. Backgrounds, subject matter, lighting conditions, etc… guide my color vs. b/w decisions.

What if I want to make my own prints from the digital negatives?

The images that appear in your online gallery album have been monitored for exposure and color quality, and will have been re-touched for glass glare, shiny faces, stop signs I can make look like trees etc… the high resolution, print-quality digital negatives (JPEGs unless requested otherwise) you are receiving will all have this done and are not watermarked.

With your downloadable gallery of full resolution files, you are also acquiring full reproduction rights. You may print them at your local lab, email to friends and family, and publish them to the web and social media website of choice. We can also set up your online gallery to enable ordering prints from a pro-lab and have your order drop shipped directly to your home address.

How / When do we make final payment of balance?

Online banking E-transfers can be paid at anytime. Secured funds anytime after wedding date must be received before digital negatives are released or shipped.

When will I receive my online gallery of digital negatives?

These will be ready 4-6 weeks after the wedding date.

How long do you keep the digital negatives on file?

One month from the wedding date.