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Header Hi Kate, we've looked and looked, and looked through all the photos! They're incredible, everyone is telling us, 'How will you be able to choose just one to frame?' Well, we agree. There will be plenty of your photos on our walls, because they're all amazing. You really captured the essence of the day, our light hearted spirits, and those funny moments only our friends and family understand. The dance lessons were a success, our guests couldn't believe Aaron was so light on his feet. It made everyone smile. Thank you for creating these moments that are sure to be passed on, and on and on.
Suzette and Aaron Tweedy, October 26 2013

Header Just want to say thank you so much for these beautiful pictures, we absolutely love them! We were so happy to have you with us on our wedding day, we loved how easy going and relaxed the picture process was!
Thomas & Emma Metcalf, October 12 2013

Header Dear Kate, just a quick note to tell you how pleased we were with the pictures you took, and overall with the whole experience of having you at the wedding! Your work is gorgeous - everyone who's seen the photos has been so impressed by them. And you were such a cheerful, enthusiastic, fun presence at our wedding! We really had a great time with you. Thank you so much for all your hard work!
Elizabeth & Cameron Craig, September 28 2013

Header Kate did not just set up some photos during our wedding day. She worked with us as needed during the 8 month planning process and was there to provide invaluable insight as to how the flow of the day would work. She helped identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the schedule of the day. This expertise in advance played a major role in ensuring that the entire day was a success. There was ample time for everything and a big part of this is due to her experience and eagerness to help. She asked the important questions during the planning phase so there were no surprises or awkward moments the day of the wedding.

During the main shoot Kate was infectious. Her professional and sociable personality made the shoot productive and a lot of fun. We were able to get many wonderful portrait and natural shots that show our true colours. Kate was patient and punctual, she somehow managed to balance both of these necessary yet seemingly contradictory traits. She worked extremely well with the young and the old alike, capturing the attention of the children and motivating everyone. Kate was everywhere she needed to be throughout the entire evening. The praise goes on, the quality of her work is outstanding and our wedding day will forever be captured with timeless style and a realness that is difficult to reproduce. Kate was very punctual with delivery time. We and everyone we show LOVE the final product!

Thank you Kate for playing such a integral role at our wedding, and in our future moments looking back. We cannot show enough appreciation.
Christopher & Danielle Hawes, September 21 2013

Header Dear Kate, we just want to say thank you again for all your hard work and creating such beautiful wedding photos. You are lots of fun and so easy to work with and the whole day ran a lot smoother because of you.
Jessica & Zachery, August 21 2013

Header We just wanted to take some time to write about the fantastic experience we had with Kate. From the first consultation, we knew we wanted her to be our photographer. She was very fun and personable while maintaining a casual but professional demeanor. She made everyone feel comfortable when doing pictures on our wedding day and was goofy/funny when shooting, but also kept us on schedule!

Her skill with a camera is unparalleled, as you can see from pictures on her website. She captured so many great shots we will have forever to remind us of our big day. She also offers a coffee table book which we highly recommend. She will ask you for your top 5 photos you want in the book and then she will put together an album with these and other photos from your wedding. The end result is beautiful and it is all glossy paper which gives it a very nice look/feel. She did a wonderful job and we can't thank her enough! Thanks Kate!
Spencer and Alyssa, June 15 2013

Header I wanted to tell you again how grateful Crystal and I both are for everything. So far 100% of people who have seen these photos agree that they are the most beautiful, natural looking and best composed wedding photos they have ever seen.

We originally chose to hire you based on the look of the photos on your website, we loved how natural and easy the photos looked. What neither of us was prepared for was just how wonderful you were to have as our photographer. I can tell you this, I hate getting my picture taken; especially when I have to pose for it, but I never felt that way on the day. You made us both feel very comfortable, made us smile, and sometimes all out laugh. And on top of all that managed to get pictures of both of us that even we think look great, and coming from two people that have had their noses broken that is something.

I have recommended you to everyone who has asked and will be doing the same from now on. I suspect that my mother is out there doing the exact same thing.
Matt Thwaites, July 6 2013

Header Just wanted to say thank you again. The feedback we've gotten from our friends and family has been amazing. Everyone wants to know who our photographer is. Thanks for capturing our engagement perfectly!
Kelly Savary, (Engaged) September 7 2013

Header We want to let you know how grateful we are for your talent and expertise. Incredible. The more we look, the more we LOVE. Thank you for all the little things especially. The hair tips, flower holding, attention to detail and organized manner in which you work made our lives easier that day. Your hard work paid off and you met our expectations completely.

As soon as we were able to share our photos, we got nothing but fantastic comments. We gave you all the credit. We are ecstatic that it didn't rain! The indoor reception shots were priceless, truly.

We hope you enjoyed the time you spent with our family and friends. We know they enjoyed you. We can't thank you enough and hope to work with you again soon. We will most likely set up an appointment with you after the holidays to have you help us with getting an album made.
Denis and Amanda Doucet, October 20 2012

Header You were absolutely amazing to work with on our wedding day. You were professional, fun, and so creative. We can't thank you enough for our beautiful wedding photos. We LOVE them, and have received so many compliments from everyone we've shared them with.

While we absolutely adore the posed photos, my favorites are the candids. The moments that you were able to capture when no one knew you were there are truly beautiful and so special as they also allow us to share in moments that we may have otherwise missed.

You were fabulous to work with and thanks to you we will be able to forever look back and remember the beauty, the love, and the laughter shared on our special day!
Jessica and Brett Haverstock, September 22 2012

Header Thank you so much for everything you did for us, you are a joy to work with and always made Ryan and I feel at ease and very comfortable, especially on a day that was very stressfull at first. You are so talented and we would recomend you to anyone. I can honestly say this is one of the few things from our wedding day that I feel was worth more then we paid for! You brought back memories for me that I did not even realize I had becasue the day went by so fast. Thank you so much, you can truly tell how much you love what you do.
Crystal Windsor, Sept 7 2012

Header Thank you so much for the beautiful photographs! You really provided the perfect blend of business and party-time. We were truly impressed at how you managed to move through the chaos of family photos efficiently and were able to get everyone to relax and look their best as well! We love how many candid moments of people laughing out loud you captured during the formal (usually stuffy-looking) family photos and the candid moments of people celebrating throughout the day. Your photos of the day are really a beautiful and artistic reflection of the fun we had, and we're sure they will fill us with joy every time we go through them!
Gina and Matt Yamkowy, Sept 2 2012

Header We had a fabulous wedding day, and Kate captured beautiful photos for us. She was very professional and organized... and her fun personality helped keep our day fun and relaxed. Everyone in our wedding party enjoyed our photo session - she knew the best spots for the best shots! It was exciting for us to get our photos back and every single one of them is amazing! We love looking at them and cherishing all the great memories. So special to have these photos. Thanks Kate!
Kristi Abraham, June 16 2012

Header We want to thank you so very much for all the amazingly beautiful photos you took of our wedding day! You really captured so many beautiful moments and for that we can not thank you enough. The day went so smoothly and I want you to know that without your guidance and calmness it may not have gone that way!

Your talent of photography has not gone unmentioned, we have had so many people comment on your photos and we quickly forward your name along with the highest of reccomandation. You were a great fit for our wedding day , and words can not express how overjoyed we are with each and every photo you took!
Vanessa & Matt Budden, June 2 2012

Header Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on our wedding day. You were absolutely amazing and more. Everyone was raving about you and your photography skills. You made everyone feel so comfortable and you have a real eye for this stuff. Words can't describe how brillant and talented you are and we haven't even seen the pictures!

The pictures are FABULOUS!!!!!! Soo unbelievably happy with them :). You captured everything that "our day" consisted of in your photographs, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Deena Perrier, Sept 17 2011

Header While I am in the business of words, I simply can't find the ones to express how absolutely grateful I am that you were able to capture our wedding day.
Every time I look at one of the photos from the wedding, I'm taken back to the moment it was shot and the emotion and wonder of the day.
You are talented and thoughtful at what you do. Thank you for everything.
Jolene Roberts, Sept 16 2011

Header Kate, words cannot express how happy we are with our wedding pictures! After the wedding was over Wayne and I were having difficulty remembering our wedding day... It went by so fast. All of that changed when we got our pictures from you. You captured every special moment and sent our memories flooding back to us! From our engagement session, to you and Chris helping us create a magical first dance, and then our wedding day, your professionalism and talent made everything perfect! Thank you so very much!
Andrea and Wayne Decker, Sept 10 2011

Header I had a look at the pictures on the website last night and I was emotional. The pictures took me back to that day and all the love in the room. It was a very special day and you captured pictures that I didn't even know you were taking. I think you must've been hiding around corners while getting some of those shots! I look forward to looking at the album and being transported back again and again! Thanks so much!
Debi Raine, August 13 2011

Header Where to begin telling about a fabulous day, captured by an excellent photographer. Kate has a laid back, relaxed, fun personality which really comes through in her photography. Not only did she meet our hopes and expectations, her work surpassed anything we could have asked for.

Our wedding album Kate put together was perfect! Kate's fresh approach allows you and her to become very creative in capturing those certain special moments. We love all our wedding photo's, as no detail was over looked. She is able to perfectly capture those moments that seem to go by so quickly.

Here's to you Kate, and the wonderful work you do! Thank you so much for being part of our day.
Tabatha and Jared, August 6 2011

Header The superlatives that roll easily off the tongue when describing Kate do not do her justice. The instant she walked through our door to commence photographing our wedding day, she was an unseen hand guiding us - an oasis of calm, truth be told - on what could have been a nerve-wracking day. I have no doubt that Kate played an indispensable part in what ended up being the most enjoyable day of our lives. Kate flows seamlessly between directing people when necessary and blending into the background to capture candid shots. When moments of potential chaos arose, Kate went well beyond the call of duty to assist us in any way she could, and any worries we may have had disappeared in the warm August breeze. Because of Kate, we were able to lose ourselves in the pleasures and excitement of our day, enjoying every moment with our friends and family with 100% confidence that our shots would be amazing; in fact, they are nothing less than perfect. Shawn and I are completely in love with both our photos and the albums we had Kate make us as well.

Kate, thank you so much for your professionalism, creative (and fun!) spirit, incredible eye, and unfaltering helpfulness! I urge anyone looking for a photographer to end their search now; Kate is your gal.
Tiffany macDonald, August 5 2011

Header Dear Kate, my husband, Don, and I want to thank you so much for the wonderful job that you did on our daughter and son-in-law's wedding photos. We absolutely love them! You are an amazing photographer and have provided Sarah and Will with fabulous memories of their wedding day. We have gone through their wedding album so many times and we are still in awe of the job you did. I must say that their is a general theme of happiness throughout their captured the true meaning of their special day.
Sylvia and Don Ritcey for Sarah and Will, December 29th 2010

Header I wanted to tell you how much John and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE our wedding pictures!!! You really did an amazing job at capturing the many aspects of our day (some of which we did not actually see at the time) so we will always have them. You were so easy to work with and made the process go very smoothly and kept it organized considering the size of John's family! We have shared our album with our many friends and family, and have received nothing but compliments on your work - cheers to you! I hope in a few years when we have children, that we can create more great photo memories with you!
Melissa Ballard, October 2nd 2010

Header Kate, thank you SO much for capturing our wedding day! Our pictures are AMAZING!!!! I can't stop looking at them! I don't even remember having most of those pictures taken!! I can't wait to show them off :) The photos really tell the story of our day and I wouldn't change a thing! You're the best!
Heather Steele, September 25th 2010

Header Hi Kate, Martin and I want to thank you for our beautiful wedding photos. You did a beautiful job and you are very right - you would never know there was a hurricane that day! Thank you for everything-- your positive attitude was reassuring and so many things quickly became secondary when the weather made it challenging for people to get from place to place safely. Marrying Martin was the best thing I have ever done and I thank you for capturing it so beautifully. We have had tons of compliments from family and friends on the photos. I know many of those must have required a lot of re-touching with the humidity so thank you for making me look as pretty as I felt that day. You were great to work with and both Martin and I would recommend you for any professional photography services, especially weddings.
Amy Fry, September 4th 2010(amidst hurricane Earl)

Header Graham and I were blown away by the pictures! i absolutely love them. You captured so many wonderful moments. We are so impressed. I can't even pick a favorite because they are all so amazing! Thanks so much for creating lasting memories for us.
Janet Wells, July 31st 2010

Header Brian and I couldn't be happier with how the photos turned out. The album you put together is so beautiful. We have gotten SO many comments on what an amazing job you did. I hope some of our friends get married in Halifax so we can recommend you!
Rachel Fisher, July 3rd 2010

Header Dear Kate, we just finished looking through the online gallery and we are so pleased! The photos are absolutely stunning! Many of our guests commented on how unobtrusive you were in taking photos and you made us and everyone feel so comfortable and it really shows in the pictures. Thanks so much.
Laura Geddes, June 25th 2010

Header OMG Kate, these are absolutely stunning. I'm sitting here in my office with tears rolling down my face! Thank you so much!
Melissa Reynolds, June 18th 2010

Header Kate, the pictures are beautiful!!!!!!!!! You far exceeded our expectations and did an incredible job. I can't thank you enough for capturing such a wonderful day. You are very talented!
Sherri Geislinger, May 22th 2010

Header I just wanted to tell you how happy Scott and I were with the pictures. They look truly fabulous!! I was in tears looking at the's not always that you can share your special day with your children... and for me to have had my two girls captured in such an amazing way, was absolutely heartwarming:):) The pictures captured all the hours and hours of details that went into the planning of each and every little thing, and made it all so worthwhile!! You even managed to make Scott and I look good truly have a gift.
Sandra Giles, March 27th 2010

Header Kate, the pictures are fantastic! We are ecstatic that they turned out so well; our favourites are the candid shots taken throughout the day, and I personally love the detail shots.
Tiffany Chase, October 10th 2009

Header Kate, we just wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job with our wedding photos!! You are so creative and talented. We love them!!! Everyone loves them!!! We appreciate all your help and direction throughout the day. We really enjoyed the experience- you made it easy! Thanks again.
Erin Clark, August 28th 2009

Header Kate, the pictures are absolutely beautiful. We were both crying within minutes! Made us remember lots about the day that we had forgotten.
Susan Badcock, May 16th 2009

Header Hi Kate, we owe you a huge thank you!!! Never in our wildest dreams did we expect to get a huge snow storm on our wedding day in November! By the time we made it through snow and with all the time delays and made it to the hotel room and the Casino, we were a bit (ok, a lot!) frazzled. You don't know how thankful I was to hear your message on the voice mail saying that you were there :) I really didn't know how we were going to be able to pull it off. Your professionalism really kept us calm. We have no idea how you did it - but you saved the day! We really can't thank you enough for everything that you did - from the photos to cleaning my dress, running the dinner music - even offering me the back off your own earring - you really went above and beyond the call of duty. And we know you probably did so many things that we weren't even aware of. And in between taking photos, you still had the energy to squeeze in a bit of salsa dancing! In the end, our wedding was really magical and the party was so much fun. We had the best time ever and it was so nice to be able share it with all of our friends and family. Muchas, muchas, muchas gracias!!!
Tammy and Efrain, November 22th 2008

Header Hi Kate, the photos are SOOOOO wonderful. I remember finding your website and fawning over the photos thinking that if Darren and I looked half as good that we would be pleased. We look so fantastic in the photos that I think we give the other couples a run for their money! We love the extra silly photos. :) Out of all the photos those ones are most like Darren and I. Doing silly things to make each other smile when we think no one is looking. They were all stunning and captured our special moments we had as a couple and with our family. You are truly a master photographer and a wonderful person to boot! Thank you really isn't enough.
Christine Weaver, September 27th 2008

Header Kate, we absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our photographs!!! Thank you so very much! You really did a fantastic job of capturing all of the special moments for us! I have already looked at them numerous times and I can remember the feeling of each moment. You truly are a fantastic photographer! We were extremely lucky to have you.
Michelle Skanes, August 2nd 2008

Header Kate's eye for photography is impeccable. The shots of our wedding are artistic, architectural and personal. She captured every beautiful detail of the day and created photos that are truly timeless. The end result was exactly the unique and elegant product that we were hoping for! Her kind personality and professionalism made for a wonderful experience for the whole bridal party and everyone that has since seen our album has been floored by how tasteful and original the shots are. Thank you, Kate! You're the best!
Gillian Seaward, July 4th 2008

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