Hi, I'm Kate. I'm tall, often funny, I love to dance, and I photograph people. As a photographer and a person, I'm creative and calm, passionate and organized, romantic and practical, and I like to dream big with my feet still on the ground. I'm married to a fantastic man who enables all this in me, and I love what I do for a living almost as much as I love my twin hooligan toddlers Ruby and Nate. When people ask, I always joke that being a wedding photographer prep'd me for being the mother of toddler twins... I have a very high threshold for panic, the ability to find beauty in chaos, and know how to have fun inside of a schedule.

As a dancer, the music tells my feet what to do. As a photographer, my eye and instinct do. Elements such as inspiring lighting and locations play a part, but it's the people that I get to meet, and the challenge of documenting the authentic relationships they share with each other that keep me on my toes.

Very early in my professional training it became clear that I was into people. I enjoy making people look good, and telling the story of who they are. I have also always been a dancer, and therefore loved the challenge of capturing movement and the "something real" inside unplanned moments. Weddings are all of this, and, of course, there is cake.

On your wedding day: I'm there when you need me, moving things along, organizing your family for you and treading lightly the rest of the time. When we are doing "the photos" I shoot efficiently while still creating images with a variety of backgrounds, candids versus smiles to camera, laughter and tears, and fine-art compositions. I'm told I'm pretty laid back and easy to get along with, while still delivering you to your reception on time.

I work to create images that are real, beautiful, and descriptive of all the events, emotions and details of your celebration. On your day, you should just get to "be". Be in the moment and breathe in your day. You worked hard to plan it all and I'll be there capturing it for you.

For families, I love crawling around on the ground with your kids, and asking them what they're going to be for Halloween (my favourite holiday). I'm all about letting kids be kids on camera, and having families come together, looking calm and composed if only for that one frame it takes (before the three year old takes off after a butterfly).

So, I know I should let you see a (professional) picture of me right about now, looking meticulously styled, well rested and relaxed. Funny thing about life with twins, I have oodles of pictures of my husband and our children, but almost none of me. The following images are some of my favourite from family Cuban vacation, that happen to have me in a couple! So, before you look below, just know that I'll wear fancier clothes and makeup to your wedding and gladly leave my kids at home for the day.

Kate Hayter established her own photography business here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1999 after receiving a Masters degree at Dalhousie University and graduating at the top of her class at the Nova Scotia Community College. She has shot hundreds of weddings, and more families and kids with silly giggles and runny noses than she can count since.